About H&N Patio Furniture

About H&N Patio Furniture

Thank you for your interest in H&N Patio Furniture. I am Bien, the founder of H&N Patio Furniture brand. If you have any dissatisfaction with our team, the product you receive, the customer service… please email me: [email protected] or connect via account My personal Facebook, I’m always happy to respond 24/7.



I went to university at NUCE (a leading university in Vietnam in the field of construction), to be honest, I don’t have a passion for the built environment, but in return, I was exposed and have a lot of passion for the Internet to know about e-commerce. It can be said that I am one of the first Vietnamese to sell Trung Nguyen coffee products on Amazon North America (since 2008), since then I have seen the potential of Vietnam in specific items such as handicrafts. .
In 2013, when I met a brother in Chuong My craft village, a craft village with hundreds of years of tradition in knitting handicrafts, I knew about rattan imitation plastic products, quite similar to natural rattan but with different properties. Can be used outdoors, weatherproof.
Since then, I support their output, both domestically and abroad, but it’s not easy, the craftsmen are familiar with the old traditional way of doing things, they don’t know well or don’t want to know the standards on quality safety. product quantity. So I was forced to leave and go my way.


From childhood to adulthood, I always liked and worshiped honesty, even many people hated me because of it. My family was very worried when I started a business without the “smarts” in business, they worried that I would fail because I was too honest.
But I don’t mind that, before selling I always want to listen to what my customers need and if I can solve the problem for them. And of course, I am also always looking for business opportunities with honest people.


Vietnam is one of the countries that attracts a large amount of FDI, creating a huge source of jobs, but workers over 45 years old are almost not allowed to participate in that chain of activities, especially in rural areas. they have a rather precarious life, without a pension, have to spend time taking care of their children, sending their children to work…
There are workers because of their age, their labor productivity is very low, their income is only 20-30% compared to other workers, but they still stick with it because there is no place to accept them. They couldn’t find a more suitable job.
Another reason I want to increase the income of workers: Old workers will come to a point where they can no longer work, need the next generation of young people, there are young people who are very talented but go to industrial parks. The profession of labor is like a machine, a job that sooner or later machines will replace, but the craft will still have its own place no matter how modern the machine is.

To Sum Up:

  • If you are looking for a supplier with a large scale, very high volume of orders (over 10 containers per month) then honestly my company is not the supplier you are looking for.
  • But if you need to find a smaller scale supplier (even just a few samples) with good skills, enthusiasm and passion for the job then give me a chance, I can’t be sure. 100% sure will meet your requirements but I promise to do my best for it.

I send you to watch our workshop 1 video and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate and email me [email protected]

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